Religion final paper

Option 1: Evaluating the Scholars.
Read one of the following article (PDF on D2L):

Toward a Buddhist Environmental Ethic by Rita M. Gross

After reading your article, write an essay that summarizes your article and assesses two related topics:

whether/if/how/why Grim and Tucker (Religion and Ecology) and Jenkins (Sustainability) would or would not find the situation described in the article encouraging.

Whether/if/how/why YOU find the situation described in the article encouraging or discouraging.

Your thesis statement should contain an argument that explicitly addresses both topics.

*ONLY USE THREE outside sourses:
1) BOOK = “Religion and ecology” by Grim and Tucker
2) ARTICLE= “Toward a Buddhist Environmental Ethic” by Rita M. Gross and
3)ARTICLE = “Sustainability” by Jenkins


*Minimum word count: 827 of your own words.

**Do NOT do any additional research unless I have specifically suggested it.

**Keep direct quotation to a minimum, as we have been doing all semester.

**Whether paraphrasing or quoting directly, be sure to provide specific page citations.

**Details and specifics are always welcome.

Provide a bibliography (article and book)

**You will have to order Religion and ecology by:grim tucker on amazon or online asap

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