Reflective Writing

In a paragraph, discuss your original analogy and whether or not you have changed your feelings at all and explain why or why not. (ORIGINAL ANALOGY: For me, writing is like a coconut because it is very hard for me to open up and find the right words to say. It takes so much time for me sometimes to gather up my thoughts. But once I have put together something and it all comes together it is like the refreshing coconut water inside. I feel great about what I have written and it is refreshing to know that I put that together.)

Write two paragraphs, compare your experience in
ENGL 123 to a complete meal. Using specific examples from what you learned in the course (Brain Storming, Pre-writing, using scratch paper, different writing techniques i.e. Narration, Argumentative, Persuasion and Descriptive)
explain what was the appetizer, main entrée and dessert. Be sure to discuss why you selected
certain activities or course concepts as the different meal parts. Be creative and honest!

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