Reflective Journals

The student will be expected to use feedback, written and/or verbal, to improve and expand on clinical skills and/or knowledge. Utilizing self-awareness and daily instructor feedback, the student will keep daily journal notes in Comptracker or Moodle (as instructed by the course professor), reflecting on their experiences and progress. This daily reflection will be utilized to complete the formal written reflective journal. The daily reflection MUST be completed within 24 hours and submitted after each clinical session as part of the student’s reflective journal process. If daily journals are not submitted, the student will receive a reduced grade for their reflective journal grade. (2 marks for each late or missing daily journal).

The student will be required to submit 2 formal reflective journals of his/her experiences during the semester following the chart format below.  These reflective journals must be typed, approximately 4-6 pages in length.

SKILLReflection on Previous Goals & StrategiesMet/ UnmetStrengths/WeaknessesGoals & Strategies for Improvement  
Routine Practices      
Health History (includes BP)      
Extra/Intra Oral Assessment      
Hard Tissue Assessment      
Perio/Gingival Assessment    
Care Planning & Appointment Planning    
Coronal Polish & Fluoride HVE    
Periodontal Debridement on Partner Ultrasonic    
Evaluations: Mid Term Scenario Testing/Instrumentation/ Routine Practices    
Other: Interpersonal Skills Standards of Practice Code of Ethics Collaboration and Team work    

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