Reflection Paper: Therapeutic Communication Assignment

The goal of reflective writing is to interact with and integrate new information and apply it to
what you already know and practice, thereby achieving personal growth.  All papers have the same basic purpose, structure and format. Each paper must maintain a good balance between 1) examination and discussion of relevant course materials on the topic and 2) self-reflection on
how these phenomena play out in your own interpersonal communication contexts.
Begin each paper with a specific reference or a quote from the week’s assigned readings. Use
this reference to anchor your discussion and reflections. Discuss the assigned topic by
comparing, contrasting, and synthesizing a variety of course materials by different authors. You
may also include additional sources and Scriptures. Provide a personal response to the topic and
course materials. Reflections may include new insights about yourself, your communication
style, and your relationships; realizations about existing communication barriers, challenges, and
opportunities in your personal and/or professional arena; communication strategies and skills that
you discovered and applied; and observed outcomes emerging from changes you have made.
Paper must also include a biblical worldview/faith journey perspective as well as a brief
discussion of how your behavioral blend (as described by Carbonell) influences your
communication and actions on the given topic.
Paper should be between 900 and 1000 words long (3 pages of text). The content should be
engaging, substantive, and interesting. It should be written in a focused and concise manner and
be well organized with a logic progression of ideas and transitions that are clear and maintain
flow of thought. Submit as a Word document, formatted according to current APA style, free of
grammar, spelling, and other writing errors. A title page is expected, but an abstract is not
needed. Repeat the paper title on page 2 according to APA format, but do not use any
subheadings. Use APA style for both in-text citations and the reference page, while making sure
references correspond and are correct.

Reflection Paper: Therapeutic Communication Assignment-June 23
France and Weikel discussed the importance of empathy, warmth, and genuineness in order to
establish a therapeutic alliance with clients in the human services field (Chapter 3). Analyze and
elaborate on each of these three concepts, drawing on additional course materials, including
Petersen (Chapters 19-21). Reflect on your own therapeutic communication skills.

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