Reflection Journal – Quality Care

Quality Care EOPSLO: Interpret research to employ best practice. Use data to monitor the outcomes of care processes. Propose an evaluation process to continuously improve the quality and safety of health care systems and deliver quality care to individuals, and diverse populations
Nurses can use research methods to design a process for improvement to a specific quality of care or safety issue – as you will do again for the Final Project in this course. You have participated in similar class activities and job-related initiatives.
For the Quality Care section of your Reflection Journal:
You are leading a group of care providers wanting to write and implement a process to improve one of the following processes on your care unit:
– unit staffing,
– scheduling activities during shifts
– monitoring for compliance with a safety precaution ( ex. hand washing; ensuring safety signage (fall risks, infection precautions, etc.) in patient rooms;…)
– equitable care for persons identifying with groups experiencing health care inequities
There is a written procedure developed recently, designated as best practice, and being used in several care units within your facility.
What external and internal research and data might your group consider to determine whether to adopt the existing procedure or propose modifications? What are possible rationale for justifying a different “best practice”? How will you then monitor effectiveness of the current and proposed procedures in terms of delivery of quality care?
Note any assignments or readings, if any, from previous ACC RN-BSN courses that aided you in completing this assignment.
[this should be a minimum 2 page presentation; you may use totally paragraph and/or include some bullet point format. ]

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