Reflecting on our Personal Values and Beliefs and the Origins of the Values and Beliefs.

In this first Journal Topic we will practice reflecting on our own values and beliefs and the origins of those values and beliefs. Consider what you think about this question. And why you think the way you do. There is no right or wrong answer to this response to this topic. The rubric for the evaluation of the response to this Topic provided in the class.
Review the facts of the Toys R Us case study provided in Week 1, and imagine the following scenario (this is a purely fictitious case):
You are an employee of Toys R Us and you have been ask to go with a group of employees to a Child World store and purchase as many boxes of diapers as you can with discount coupons. Your manager has told you that if you are asked whether or not you are purchasing the diapers for resale you can ‘no’, because, strictly speaking, you are not a retailer, you are an employee of a retailer–you are not the one reselling the items.
You are desperate for this job (you have a family to support, debt and need the money), and you believe that if you do not participate you may be fired. So, you participate (if in your reflections you determine that you probably would not have made this choice, please note that in your response–our goal here is to examine our own approaches to moral problems).
You are at the counter in a Child World store with dozens of boxes of diapers, and the clerk asks you,
“Are you a retailer or a wholesaler purchasing these for resale?”
Is it ethically acceptable for you to say, “no”? If so, why? If not, why not?
There is no right or wrong answer. In your explanation try to accurately represent the facts of this particular case and you should identify at least two beliefs, values, or principles that support your judgment. Are these beliefs or values influenced by culture or religion or social identity? Or is your judgment influenced by other factors, such as personal experience. Reflect on your moral beliefs and their origins. Explain.

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