Recording Chart


You will need to review the Contracting Video below. Next, complete the process recording chart (CLICK HERE) for the video and breakdown the usage of questions in the session. In your process recording you will need to identify the following skills and information:

  • Type of Question (open, closed)
  • What did the worker learn as a result of asking this question?
  • Quality of the question (e.g., good, bad). Include what about the question made it good or bad.
  • How would you have changed the question if you were conducting the session? (Provide a new question that you could actually ask)

You will need to upload your chart here for grading. Please note that the expectation is that you fill out the chart with each and every skill that you hear used in the video. There are several pages included for you to do this. Fully completing this activity might take 3 pages or it might take 6. Just use however many pages that you need.

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