Reciprocal Motion

A piston performs reciprocal motion in a straight line which can be modeled as s.h.m. It’s velocity is 8 ms-1 when the displacement is 90mm from the mid-position, and 2ms-1 when the displacement is 140mm from the mid-position.


    1. The frequency and amplitude of the motion.

    2. The acceleration when the displacement is 110mm from the mid-position. (P2.3)

  1. Experiment

Carry out an experiment to determine the periodic time for oscillating springs with different masses and pendulums of different lengths.

For the oscillating springs experiment, determine the value of k (the spring constant) and compare it with the measured value.

For the pendulum experiment, determine the experimental value of g and compare it with the known value.

Produce a report including diagrams and a table of results for each of the experiments carried.

The report should include:

  • An introduction

  • Experimental procedure

  • Results

  • Calculations and analysis

  • Conclusions

The conclusion is very important and should contain an analysis of the experiments carried out, be related to theory and include an identification of areas where errors may have occurred. (P2.3, M3, D2)

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