Realistic Solutions

Assessment task 1(15%)
Task: Identify the barriers that could be encountered with the development and implementation of the initiative and provide suggestions of evidence-based solutions to address these barriers.
Guidelines: Determine what potential barriers might be encountered in the
implementation of the initiative. Use the literature to research realistic solutions to these problems (based on how others have addressed the same or similar problems).
Assessment task 2 (15%)
Task: Describe the process that you would set up to monitor the success of, and evaluate the effectiveness of, the intervention.
Guidelines: Use the literature to identify suitable ways to monitor and evaluate both the short-term and the long-term success of the programme.
Task: Develop a 20 minute PowerPoint presentation with a voice-over.
Assessment task 3
Numbers are the only things that an organisation requires to understand their customers. Must use the article in the attachment as one of the reference and citation. The essay is basically writing to support that organisation can understand the customers through numbers,i.e., Customer profitability analysis, strategic management, customer lifetime value, balance scorecard. However, non numbers should also be discussed in the essay,i.e., customer satisfaction/survey.

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