Reaction Towards Losses

Try to put yourself into the position of Feuerstein. You are CEO of Malden Mills when a fire destroys the plant in Lawrence Massachusetts in 1995. Answer the following questions as best you can:
• Would you react to the fire in the same way Aaaron Feuerstein did? Would you continue to pay workers, incur debt, and rebuild the plant? If not, what decision would you make? It is, of course, impossible to entirely imagine oneself in this situation, but do your best.
• Why do make the decision you do? Try to explain not only factual and monetary considerations, but moral considerations, moral values and beliefs, the core values that influence your decisions.
• Finally, how does your approach to this moral problem compare with Solomon’s characterization of ‘integrity’. Do you think your approach exhibits traits of ‘integrity’? If so, explain why? If not, explain why not? Be as honest as you can and accurately apply Solomon’s ideas on integrity.
• If any of the concepts or theories studied in the class relate to your thinking and decision, explain how these concepts and theories are relevant. (for instance, if you think utilitarianism is related to your approach, explain how this is so)
NOTE: if you are unsure how to answer these questions, be honest about that. Describe your thinking, your considerations, focusing on your core values and moral beliefs, and your thinking, and your feelings, about how to address the issue of caring for employees and other stakeholders in the business.

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