Reaction Paper #3

In this paper you will need to complete two parts:
Part 1: Research and identify one advocacy organization dealing with Women’s Rights. Make sure to identify the following:

  • What is the purpose of the organization? What are they hoping to do/change in society?
  • What activities do they do to raise awareness?
  • Do they have anyone funding them? How do they raise money to do their activities?
  • How effective do you think they are?
  • What type of feminist do you think the people leading the organization are and why?
    Part 2: If you were to develop your own advocacy organization, what would it be? Identify the following:
  • What would be the purpose of the organization? Note it does not have to be about Women’s Rights
  • Why did you choose to develop this type?
  • What type of activities would you have?
  • How would you spread the word about your organization to get funding?

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