Give a detailed description of the rationalist position regarding the truth of Proposition 1 from Euclid’s geometry? Use Martin’s characterization of rationalism and select which one you find most appropriate from the various historical accounts of a priori knowledge he
presents, (e.g., Plato’s, or Descartes’, or Kant’s).
Are there any possible challenges the empiricist can raise against rationalism regarding our knowledge of the properties of geometrical constructions? If not, why not?
Finally, how does rationalism differ regarding the truths of arithmetic versus geometry? E.g.,

which of the two is most stable in opposition to empiricism? HINT: use at least two of the
distinctions between “types of beliefs” from the class handout posted on Canvas.

For 5-7 bonus points (optional): assess 1-2 arguments for or against rationalism regarding arithmetical truths as presented in chapter 4 of Audi (available on Canvas).

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