Questionnaire Problem

Question 1

reconsider this Village Questionnaire problem. Think carefully about the difference between target population and sampling frame, a distinction that is described in detail at the top of p. 424. (6 points)

“In order to get the opinions of residents of the village of Essex Junction, Vermont, the Village Office on Voting Standards sends a questionnaire to 1000 individuals randomly chosen from the list of all registered voters in the village. Of the 1000 questionnaires sent, 480 are returned.”

Your task is to identify

1) the target population,

2) the sampling frame,

3) the sample,

4) sample size,

5) the response size and

6) the response rate in this word problem. Think about it carefully, and then list them here:

Question 2

Studies show connections between the overall educational performance of a school and the socioeconomic status of its students’ families. Conduct research on a school of your choice (private, public, college, etc.) and explain the connections between student performance and community socioeconomic status. Make sure to cite your resource information in APA format.

100 to 150 words

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