Quantitative Research


PROGRESS NOTE 1 Keep in mind that you are planning a quantitative study that would be investigating some  empirical (statistical) connection between a presumed causal (independent) variable along with  some covariates (two covariates are recommended) and an outcome (dependent) variable.  Therefore, your study should have at least one independent, one covariate, and one dependent  variable. Also please keep in mind that your progress notes are meant to inform the instructor on  your progress, and thus also give you the opportunity for further individual consultation with the  instructor, if needed. 

In your progress note 1, please provide the following information: 

1. Identify the targeted “population” of the proposed study. 

2. Identify the topic area/issue you want to investigate and briefly explain it. 

3. Briefly explain the relevance of the selected issue and the proposed study to social work. 

4. Provide at least 2 scholarly sources in your brief discussion of the selected issue (e.g.,  prevalence or severity of the selected issue).

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