Quality Measurement

Question 1

  1. In this discussion you will describe some of the major principles and concepts used in measuring quality and assessing risk in health care settings.
  2. Describe at least one major principle or concept used to define healthcare quality and one for risk management.
  3. How are quality and risk measured for these principles/concepts in order to meet compliance standards in healthcare settings? Use specific examples to support your answer.

Please follow all requirements and answer each question.

  • Include introduction and conclusion.
  • Please use Peer Reviewed Articles
  • APA format is required and each reference must be cited in the paper.
  • Use headings to organize the content in your work.
  • Please no plagiarism and sources should be 5 years or less.

Question 2

Research a healthcare organization (or if you do not work for a healthcare organization, identify one that would support this discussion). Where does the CIO sit within the organizational structure? Are there related functions, such as a Chief Medical Information Officer or Nurse Informatics Officer? How do these functions interact?

(just 400 words, APA reference only)

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