Quality Improvement Tools

Question 1

Quality management paper

a.Minimum 6 pages no more than 7 pages typed, double-spaced, APA format, correct spelling and grammar.

b.References must be within the last 3 years.

c.Identify a problem need on your unit

d.What is the impact of this problem on your unit and on the patient? How can Lewin’s Change Model be used to help analyze and implement this project?

e.What quality improvement tool or tools would be most useful to help analyze and monitor the problem (e.g., run chart, flow­chart, Pareto chart)?

f.Initiate your project using the PDCA model.

g.Utilize three additional sources and incorporate best practices or recommend guidelines related to the problem you identified.

h.Paper must be submitted to Turnitin and must have a similarity index less than 15%

Question 2

Explain why having a diverse workforce can provide competitive advantages for an organization, and discuss some of the policies and practices that a company can undertake to better recruit and manage a diverse workforce. What challenges does an organization face in managing a diverse workforce?

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