Quality Improvement Plan

The purpose of a Quality Improvement Plan is to identify what a facility is looking to accomplish when it comes to quality. It allows facilities to try out new approaches and make appropriate suggestions where quality in the organization can be improved. The plan acts as a guide for staff and stakeholders to see what needs to take place for an organization to accomplish where they want to be in terms of quality, and what the necessary steps will be to achieve that goal. For this assignment, you will focus on the first steps of a Quality Improvement Plan and identify an area of improvement in your organization.

Develop a Fishbone Diagram illustrating 3-4 areas of improvement in your organization you wish to focus on in your Quality Improvement Plan. Collect data from your organization to help you identify the following in your diagram:

  • Problem statement
    • Categories in the problem
    • Contributing factors of the problem and why the factors exist
    • Identify the deeper causes of the contributing factors, if they exist
    • Test for the root cause by identifying if contributing factors appear repeatedly, signifying there is a root issue

Write a 1,050-word APA-formatted summary of your Fishbone Diagram. Include your research from the Definition of Quality in Health Care discussion and the questions below to complete your summary.

  • Explain what your organization’s definition of quality is.
    • Which of the six dimensions of quality in health care does this definition support?
    • Explain why each problem you selected is an issue. 
    • Explain why each issue is important to the quality of the organization.

Cite and reference all sources.

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