Qualitative Elements

Review Figure 1.6 from Plano Clark, V. L., & Ivankova, N. V. (2016). Mixed methods research: A guide to the field. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications. (“Application of the Socio-Economic Framework for Describing the Mixed Methods Research Process, Content Considerations and Contents for a Mixed Methods Study in Your Area of Interest”). Page 28.

Select two of the studies that you found to analyze further.

  • Complete Figure 1.6 for each of the two studies you decided to analyze. Note that you should submit two separate documents to complete this task, i.e., one for each of the studies.
  • Select one of the two studies for a deeper analysis, submitting a 2- to 3-page paper that responds to each of the following review questions:
    • What is the rationale for the study? (problem, purpose)
    • What research questions did the author intend to address?
    • What underlying assumptions, biases or points of view can you identify? Are they “taken into account” (made explicit)?
    • What did the researchers do? How did they use timing or integration across the quantitative and qualitative elements?
    • Does the methodology make sense as a way of answering the research question(s)? Why is MMR important in this study?
    • What did the researchers find?
    • Are the conclusions credible? Did the author support claims with evidence?
    • What was “missed”? What holes are there?
    • Was there anything in the article you did not understand? If so, what was it?
    • What questions are left (according to the author and according to you)?
    • What audience might find this study valuable?
    • Would you recommend this study to MMR colleagues? Why or why not?

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