Qualitative Data Analysis

The purpose of this assignment is to develop fundamental skills in the thematic analysis of
qualitative data.
You have been provided with four interview transcripts. These are located along with
support documents in Section 9 of the class space.
These transcripts are fictionalised interviews based on a real research project examining
masculinity in Australia. They are drawn from a sample of over 60 participants who were
recruited to discuss what they felt the pressures were that shape men’s lives. Note: as the
fictionalised transcripts are based on real men, some of the stories have strong language
and cover troubling themes. They have also been edited for brevity, as the original are up
to 60 pages long.
You are to do a close reading of at least two transcripts. It is recommended that you read
all of them completely before you choose which ones to thematically analyse. Re-read, and
start to look for any codes that describe aspects of masculinity, and how they are learned by
boys and men. You should be able to find at least 20 codes. Group them into related ideas:
these are themes. You need to identify three themes. If codes and themes are not
immediately apparent, re-reading (including all transcripts) will make the codes become
apparent, and allow you to see how their similarities create the themes which unite them.
Prepare a table with a column for each theme, and list the related codes below.
Attach this to the end of your paper as Appendix A.

Your Academic Essay should contain:
 An introduction
 A brief literature review (200 words) on Australian masculinity. Use the codes and
themes as search terms to find literature in online data bases
 An overview of thematic analysis as a technique for understanding qualitative data
 Briefly describe your interviewees (at least two participants), highlighting which
themes you see shaping their lives and opinions, and why you chose these specific
 Definition of three themes comprising at least 20 codes, expressing why they are of
interest. Relate the themes back to your literature review and discuss how the
themes impacted on the lives of the participants you have chosen
 Prepare a table with a column for each theme, and list the related codes below.
Attach this to the end of your paper as Appendix A
 A conclusion that summarises the findings.
To assist you complete this task you have been provided with the following resources
which are located under Section 9 of the class space:
 Four transcripts
o Ash interview
o Jason Interview
o Lindsay interview
o Mark Interview
 A reading explaining how to conduct a thematic analysis on a set of qualitative data

1. Introduction and a brief literature review related to the
topic of masculinity
2. Description of thematic analysis as a qualitative data
analysis tool
3. At least two transcripts analysed, with 20 codes and three
themes identified
4. Accurate and clear qualitative analyses with appropriate
emphasis on most relevant themes
5. Discussion of important findings and meaning you have
extracted from the data, with appropriate reference to
existing research literature in the field

6. Appendix attached with codes and themes listed
Structure, Presentation and Referencing
1. Main ideas clearly and logically presented
2. Relevant research and scholarship literature used
appropriately to support claims
3. Correct academic writing style used, including correct
spelling, grammar and punctuation

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