Purchasing Ethics

The Purchasing Ethics case found on pages 823-825 of the Monczka, et.al. textbook presents some moral and ethical dilemmas that Buyers may encounter. This case is composed of four (4) scenarios generally alluding to the conduct of ethical behavior as advocated by the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) Code of Ethics. Please read this case, and provide your best response to the each question associated with each scenario of this case.
Scenario 1 and Question 3 concerning why the Supplier sent the clock to the Buyer’s home and addressed to is wife.
Scenario 2 and Question 2 relative to what Lisa should do in this situation.
Scenario 3 and Question 1 on whether Mr. Gibson is legally and/or ethically.
Scenario 4 and Question 3 about what Sharon should do in this situation.

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