Pulmonary Hypertension

Review the references on Pulmonary Hypertension (PHTN) provided in the Module 5. Conduct a literature search to find 1-2 articles that address one of the concerns listed below in the diagnosis, treatment, or management of PHTN. You can choose a different topic other than what is listed below based on previous experiences.
Possible concerns might include:
• Diagnosis of PHTN in the cardiac catheterization lab and testing for reversibility
• Sleep testing in PHTN
• Inhaled therapy for acute PHTN
• Inhaled therapy for chronic PHTN
• Role of cardiopulmonary Rehab in PHTN
• Care before or after Heart/Lung Transplantation
Respond to at least two peers who chose a different topic than you or the same topic but a different approach to compare and contrast.
Please refer to the Discussion Rubric for grading criteria.

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