Public Service Organization

Question 1

For this assignment, you must locate a scholarly article on an academic databases found in an online Library and write a critique that is at least two pages in length. The article that you use should address an issue related to diversity, equality, and equity in a public service organization. Your critique must include the following items:

1. Identify the premise of the article and significant points to support the premise.

2. Evaluate the issues of diversity, equality, and equity that are found in the article.

3. Do you agree or disagree with the author’s premise? Explain.

Your article critique must be formatted according to APA guidelines, including references and in-text citations.

Question 2

Your essay should respond to the following prompt:

“What is the greatest roadblock to racial equality today?”

You must use Citizen as your sources. The essay should have a clear point of view, but may not be in the first person (no I or We pronouns).

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