Public Service Motivation

As a manager within a human services organization, create a power point presentation that you would present to your Board of Directors to convince them of the value of networking. Address the following:

  • Why is networking important, in general, to an organization?
  • Why is networking important, specifically within Human Services?
  • Why is networking beneficial to individual employees? What does it provide?
  • List several options for networking; these can include professional organizations (local and national), conferences, public events, and/or online services/programs (for local use New York State)

The powerpoint must include at least 6 slides (not including the title and reference slides). Must include detailed notes in the notes section of your ppt. The reference slide must show at least three appropriate resources that follow APA format.

Some references:

  • Acosta, G. (2013). 5 career tips: Networking in the social work profession. USC Social Work Virtual Academic Center.
  • Ariely, D. (2013, April). What makes us feel good about our work? [Video file – 20:26 mins]. TED.
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  • Llopis, G. (2012). 7 reasons networking can be a professional development boot camp. Forbes.
  • Watner, K. (2009, December) Behavioral Minute: Building reinforcement into your work. [Video file – 1:58 mins]. Aubrey Daniels International.
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  • Paarlberg, L. E., & Lavigna, B. (2010). Transformational leadership and public service motivation: Driving individual and organizational performance. Public Administration Review, 70(5), 710-718.

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