Public Security Organization

Question 1

Find a law enforcement agency or public security organization for which you would consider working.

For that employer:

1) what is the agency / organization – describe it in detail (public / private; if government, at what level of government; what responsibilities and duties does this employer fulfill; does the employer have the fiscal resources to fulfill those duties and what is their source of funding; do they work with other agencies / organizations to achieve their mission; etc.); what is the mission statement of the agency / organization; how many employees does this agency normally have?

2) identify the entry level position that you would seek with this employer

2) what are the requirements of the position?

  • physical (requirements for entry into either the position or any training academy / program)
  • educational (minimum education for new employees into this position)
  • is there any civil service or other entry examination requirement
  • any other related barriers and criteria (race, gender, religion, experience, knowedge, citizenship, residence, etc.)

The idea of the assignment is that you understand the scope and role of the agency / organization and critically assess your eligibility and ability to seek this position during or after your college education.

The assignment shall be submitted in APA format and be a minimum of five pages (cover, three pages of text, references).

Question 2

Working from the agency you used for your Chapter 2 assignment:

  • Who is the chief / commissioner / chief executive of the agency / organization?
  • What is that person’s professional history (education, agencies worked, years in service by agency, etc.)?
  • how personnel are in the agency and what is the ratio of sworn and non-sworn personnel?
  • What are the activities / positions / roles of the non-sworn personnel?
  • what is the agency’s tour cycle (both by shift and days on / off; does the agency work three eight hour shifts starting at 9AM, is the agency on a 4/2, 4/3, or other shift system?)

Your submission will be in APA format and I am expecting approximately four pages (cover, two or more pages of text, and references).


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