Public Safety Management

Read this entire document and scoring rubrics before beginning the assignment. This project is preparing you for a real world situation where you can directly apply what you have learned and practiced in the PSM program. Your project should include the following pages:
 Cover page;
 Executive summary;
 The project itself; and
 Reference page.

Foundation of the Report
This is a scenario-based situation in which you need to address the elements below. Your audience is your city manager and council members. The request to complete this is a high priority. You will need to expand your library search to include source material for values and codes of ethics.

You have just been appointed as a new chief of a public safety department in a location where you have just moved to. You have been appointed to this position after the previous chief was dismissed for allegedly condoning unethical behavior in the department. The local media has been reporting on this and the community is outraged. Trust between the department and the community is poor. In your job offer interview, you were informed improving the culture in the department and the relationship with the community is your priority in your first few months on the job.

The community, organization, and department are all new to you. You have limited resources in your department to convene a full planning team; therefore, all the work on this must come from you. Your supervisor has asked for a document outlining the elements listed below. You have a meeting with your supervisor to present your document in less than two-weeks.

Your information needs to be specific in detail and include the following elements:
 An introductory paragraph.
 State five values that the department can adopt. Justify your list of values.
 From these values, create a code of ethics the department can adopt.
 Support your values and code of ethics with scholarly source material.
 Explain in detail why you chose the values and codes, and how they may improve the culture in the department.
 Explain how you intend to get buy-in from your subordinates.
 Explain your comprehensive plan for improving community relations.
 A conclusion paragraph.
Your position on each of these elements needs to be detailed and supported with scholarly sources. Include a minimum of three peer-reviewed, scholarly sources. Remember, websites and trade journals are not considered scholarly sources and need to be avoided. Use the online library database system to conduct peer-reviewed searches.

Your report shall be written as outlined below. This assignment is preparing you for a real world situation where you can directly apply what you have learned and practiced in the PSM program. For this assignment, you will be graded on your ability to format to these instructions:
 Use Times New Roman, 12-point font for the entire document.
 Insert APA style text header and page numbers.
 Set the margins for 1” on all sides.
 Left justify the text.
 Set the line before and after spacing for 0-point, and the line space for 1.0.
 Use good transitions between paragraphs and/or consider headings to separate points.
 Each paragraph should have a single point of focus and be approximately seven to ten sentences in length.
 Use in-text citations where appropriate and include all sources on the reference page.
 Include page numbers in the footer area at the bottom center of the page.

Things to Avoid
Here are some cautions and/or things to avoid.
 Do not use any block quotes. Refer to the APA manual, pages 92 and 171 for information on block quotes.
 Be cautious on the use of quotes. This is a professional report where information should be paraphrased and cited.
 Do not plagiarize. The function is active and you can evaluate your paper. You will receive a percentage indication in this evaluation, and can modify your paper if you choose. I will only grade your last submission.
 Do not procrastinate in starting this report.
 Do not use websites such as Wikipedia,,
 Do not use trade journals as references.

Please ask questions early if you do not understand any aspect of this assignment. Use the Open Forum to post general questions about this assignment, as your question(s) may help others. The real world application of this incident is significant and will help prepare you for work-related situations where you must be able to critically analyze situations, justify a position on an issue or incident, and clearly articulate competency in handling administrative issues. You will be graded in this course, and in the real world, on how well you perform these functions. I recommend you have this report submitted five to seven days before the deadline so you may use the feature to evaluate your percentage score and have time to edit. Submitting early will prevent last minute circumstances from impacting your ability to meet the deadline and demonstrate your professional approach to this assignment.

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