Public Policy and Advocacy in Family and Child Studies

Policy Analysis Infographic

Learners will complete a Policy Analysis Infographic that demonstrates their ability to apply skills and knowledge of understanding equity and inequity across policy domains. A final visual representation of the analysis will be required in the form of an Infographic.

Follow the directions provided to complete this assignment.
Step 1: Passion (Teen pregnancy in New Mexico)

Identify an existing, or in progress, public policy/advocacy issue that you would like to analyze.

Step 2: Timeline and Data
Research the related timeline and data for your chosen policy. This includes locating information about the history of the policy and its effectiveness. The timeline you identify should show key moments before the policy took effect, key dates related to the introduction, revision/reauthorization, and termination of the chosen policy. The data you identify should indicate who the policy applies to and whether there are populations being disproportionately impacted (positively or negatively) by the implementation of the policy. You can gather information from your policy from scholarly papers, research presentations, reports, dedicated websites, individual interviews, and other sources you find useful. Your research should indicate key dates.
Step 3: Recommendations and Visual Display
Summarize three recommendations for policy continuation or improvement related to the chosen policy based on what you learned. Recommendations should be made on advocacy efforts, data, and other information gathered during previous steps. Then, create an infographic that includes the following information:

  1. The name of your policy
  2. A timeline of key moments/dates related to your policy
  3. At least two data facts (Note: Data facts can be in the form of visual data like pie charts and bar graphs or in written form like a sentence or bulleted list).
  4. Three recommendations

Resources and More Information

Infographic Development Support
What is an Infographic?

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