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Federal Emergency Management Agency. (2011). National disaster recovery framework: Strengthening disaster recovery for the nation.


In this assignment you are addressing how to create a plan for the recovery phase.

Put yourself in the role of an emergency manager who is doing initial work on recovery plans for the type of critical incident shown in the Riverbend City scenario— a man-made accident. You are the supervisor tasked with training representatives for the following groups in how to create a sample plan for recovery:

  • Emergency and government managers.
  • First responders.
  • Business leaders.
  • Heads of families or households.
  • Personnel in charge of or dealing with special needs groups such as the elderly, non-English speaking people, children, et cetera.

Referencing the nine core principles of recovery planning, prepare a slide presentation of the four top principles you would choose to present in a training for these groups. Your purpose is to introduce the target audience to what goes into a well-rounded recovery plan. Use your personal and professional experiences, your readings, as well as situations you have seen in the media scenario that would lend themselves to planning recovery. Be sure to cite your resources.

n your PowerPoint:

  1. Provide summaries of four core principles of recovery that you have chosen to focus on that are directly related to the recovery phase. Choose four of these nine from the National Disaster Recovery Framework:
    • Individual and family empowerment.
    • Leadership and local primacy.
    • Pre-disaster recovery planning.
    • Partnerships and inclusiveness.
    • Public information.
    • Unity of effort.
    • Timeliness and flexibility.
    • Resilience and sustainability.
    • Psychological and emotional recovery.
  2. Illustrate each of the four core principles of recovery that you have chosen, using examples within the train derailment/chemical spill as your context.
  3. Create a plan for implementing one recovery measure in one of the core principles you have chosen.


The PowerPoint presentation should be 10–12 slides, not including the title slide and the references slide (ensure APA format for the references). Use one slide to succinctly deliver each main point.

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