Public Human Resource Management


Quiz 1

Directions:Answer the following question thoroughly and in complete sentences.Please remember to maintain the formatting of this document:Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1 inch margins.You will need to change the settings to double space your answers.Please retain the original question with their numbersNote:Do not use outside sources to answer these questions. All of the answers are either in the reading or in the lecture.Make sure to listen to the lectures because they frequently provide additional information not available in the readings.

1)Identify the five periods of personnel management. Explain and analyze why these periods are relevant to human resource management. For example, why might different presidents have differing value sets in their selection of civil service employees? (Note:In terms of length, each period discussed should be approximately ¾-1½ pages long.) No Outside Sources On This Quiz


  1. To identify and explain the development of public personnel policies & values in the United States

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