Public Health Intervention

Background to this assessment
This assessment has been designed to help you develop a public health intervention to address the nutrition-related needs of a specific ‘special population’ group. Once you have identified a nutrition-related problem you need to develop a public health initiative to address the problem.
You need to present your ideas to a review panel through the production of a 20 minute PowerPoint presentation. You need to provide a voice-over to your PowerPoint slides.
Assessment task 1 (10%)
Task: Identify a nutrition-related issue that could be addressed through a public health intervention.
Guidelines: Identify a nutrition-related public health issue relevant to the New Zealand population. Describe what the issue is, provide evidence as to why it is an issue in New Zealand and why a public health intervention is a relevant approach to address the issue.
Assessment task 2 (25%)
Task: Develop a nutrition-related public health intervention based on an initiative / initiatives that has been successfully implemented outside of New Zealand OR successfully implemented in an area other than nutrition.
Guidelines: Use academic literature or information from government websites backed up with academic literature, to identify an initiative or initiatives that have been used successfully to address a nutrition-related public health problem. Using this information, describe how a similar initiative could work if implemented in New Zealand.
Assessment task 3 (15%)
Task: Provide an over-view of the different steps that would be required for the intervention be executed. Describe who the key stake-holders involved in the delivery of the different parts of the initiative would be. Consider the role that the NZ government would play in facilitating the implementation of the initiative.
Guidelines: Provide a break-down of the different steps that would need to be followed during the planning and implementation process. Identify who the key stake-holders would be for each of the different steps. Clearly identify the role that the government would play in supporting the initiative.

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