Public Health Intervention

Write a 1500 word critical reflection and evaluation of a public health intervention (LO 3, 4, 5)

3. Utilise evidence informed health promotion, education and behaviour change theory and strategy to plan a public health intervention

4. Contribute to the delivery and evaluation of a public health activity

5. Critically appraise the roles of individual professionals, organisations and interagency partnerships in improving public health


Coursework 2 (CW1) requires you to write a 1500 word (+/- 10%) critical reflection and evaluation of a public health intervention. You must clearly discuss the public health intervention and describe the process of evaluation. You will need to include critical reflection of what you have learnt and how this can be applied in the future. It is strongly suggested you use the intervention chosen during your public health placement.

This assessment makes up 50% of the academic credit of the module

To be submitted to Aula before the stated deadline. Please see the Assignment tab in Aula where the link will be available. 

Sessions within the module will take you through the different aspects of evaluation, in relation to a simulated project and then with regards to your own project which you will be carrying out on placement

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