Public Health

During the course of this module, the module leader will arrange for you to engage with a range of activities (field or case-study based) in the field of food safety/standards, replicating the experiences you would obtain in professional practice. The activities will non-exhaustively cover food premises inspection, auditing, food safety management systems, complaints from service users and food poisoning investigations.

For this assessment, you will be required to produce reports for two of the interventions you engaged with (these will be selected by the module leader). The reports will require you to:
 Demonstrate an awareness of the public health and legislative context for intervention
 Acquire information
 Interpret data and assess potential risks to public health
 Determine the most appropriate course(s) of action to manage risk
 Reflect on your experiences – this might include reflecting on the difficulties encountered in acquiring information, uncertainties involved in risk assessment, the (in)effectiveness of a particular course of action, incidental problems encountered and your personal development.

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