Public Funding of Art in the US

Discuss public funding of art in the U.S. Take a position arguing either in favor of it or against it in your paper. Draw on material and cases in “Visual Shock” as well as other cases not discussed in the textbook.

Possible questions to explore:

What effects (positive or negative) has public funding had on art in America?
What responsibilities do artists have toward the public when working for the public?
How do regional issues influence decisions about publicly funded art?
How important is art in forming a sense of nation character?
Identify and analyze ethical issues confronting the arts in the U.S.
Discuss strategies for resolving ethical issues confronting the arts.
Paper Specifications
Digital file in PDF format.
Minimum of 1000 words of original text (about 4 pages)
Double spaced, 12pt font size, with 1 inch margins
Arial or New Times Roman font
Appropriately referenced with citations of your sources
Note on references: Any facts that you learn from a book in researching your paper need to be cited. Common knowledge is not necessary to reference. Web sites with original content, like archives of a major newspaper, are appropriate sources. Wikipedia, or any other encyclopedia, is not a source. But it may list reliable sources which you can use and cite. You may use any style of formating for the body of your paper and references as long as it is clear. A good guide for style is the Chicago Manual, which has a convenient, Quick Guide on-line.

Paper Grading Criteria
20% Specifications – Pay close attention to the required specifications and you will get full points here.
20% Grammar and Style – In addition to the basics of spelling and sentence structure, make sure that your paper has an introduction, body and conclusion.
20% Factualness – Make sure that your sources are good and that you don’t mix up facts in your paper.
20% Depth of material – Provide sufficient material to support assertions made in your paper.
20% Logic and Relevance – How well do the facts in your paper support the assertions that you make?
On-line Resources
Here are a few useful web sites that contain further information on art controversies and censorship.

The File Room
Wikipedia listing of banned films
A miscellaneous collection of art censorship cases

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