Public Defenders

Question 1

Answer the following questions in not less than 150 words each. Make sure the document is APA formatted. Minimum two (2) sources – at least one (1) from a peer reviewed journal.

1. What is the ethical danger of using agents in negotiation?

2. What were the results of the study between district attorneys and public defenders on the use of deceptive negotiation tactics?

3. How does Carr argue that strategy in business is analogous to strategy in a game of poker?

4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of limiting a negotiator’s authority?

5. Define bargaining mix. What are the advantages and disadvantages of large bargaining mixes?

Question 2

Review the Mini-Case: Power Balance (found on page 60 of the textbook). Answer the following questions:

  1. Develop an argument to show that an imbalance of negotiating power probably existed between the parties during the negotiations. Identify the factors accounting for the imbalance.
  2. Identify strategies that either party could have used to increase its negotiating power in this particular negotiation.

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