Psychology of Prejudice

The questions below comprise your final exam in Psychology of Prejudice.

1. Think about your own intellectual growth this term. Please write about an issue, idea study, or discovery you have encountered in this class that has made a difference in the way you understand psychology and the world around you. How did the materials in this class give you a greater appreciation of the variety and diversity of human experience (e.g., gender, race, sexuality)? What psychological concepts, terms, or theories have you learned that help you understand cultural diversity, privilege, or inequality? (Your answer should be .5-1 page single-spaced)

2. Describe the role that individualism plays in oppression and privilege. What are the limitations of the individualistic perspective for understanding and eradicating oppression? Give specific examples from Johnson and any other sources you may use. (This answer should run about 1 page single-spaced)

3. How is language used to perpetuate privilege and oppression? Please be specific about the significance and meaning conveyed by particular words and phrases. (Your answer should run about 1-1.5 pages single-spaced)

4. Chapter 9 is Johnson’s “strategies for change” chapter. Summarize Chapter 9. What are the two myths that can be barriers to prejudice reduction and activism? What are the four strategies for change he discusses. What role does making people uncomfortable play in work on prejudice reduction? Do you see any connections between any of the material in Chapter 9 and the strategies for change offered in Benign Bigotry? (This answer should be around 1.5 pages)

Instructions (Read these carefully before you begin, as you work on your answers, and again before you turn in your exam):

•  Each answer will likely draw from multiple class sources (i.e., readings and videos) for each question.

•  This is not an opinion essay. Your opinions are welcome but you should primarily answer the questions in terms of what our class materials argue. Once you have fulfilled that requirement, feel free to share your opinions.

•  Explain each answer in detail. Please do not assume the reader can infer points from vague or general statements. 

•  Each essay should make logical sense. An essay answer is not just a blurting out of a bunch of random points. The order of your paragraphs and the order of sentences within each paragraph should have a logical flow. 

•  Use only material from our class. Do not use any outside sources. Because of this, you do not need a references list or bibliography page.

•  Please specify the source of your arguments/answers and relevant page numbers in parentheses after you make a point. For instance, if you summarize a point made on page 60 in Johnson you will end your statement with this: (Johnson, p.60). Alternatively, you could begin the sentence with: On page 60, Johnson describes . . . You do not need to use direct quotations, just put statements in your own words and cite the source in the text of your answer.

•  This is not an APA-formatted paper. You are simply answering each question as an essay. 

•  Please write your answer using single-space, a 12-point font, and one-inch margins. Your answers should be part of one document.

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