For this assignment, you are required to find a journal article in the PsycArticles database
Requirements for the research article you select to write about:
• It must be an article in a scholarly (peer reviewed) psychology journal.
• It must have a recent publication date (not before 2000).
• It must be empirical, that is, it reports on original research done by the authors. Hint: Look to see whether it has a section that is clearly labeled “Methods” or “Procedures”.
• It must be something that you can understand. If you feel that the article you have picked is beyond your grasp, pick another one. You will not be able to write a good report on an article you don’t understand.

Answer questions 1 through 6 in complete sentences.

  1. What is the name of the journal?
  2. What is its title of the article and why does it interest you?
  3. What is the hypothesis? If there is no hypothesis, what is the goal of the study?
  4. Who were the participants and how were they selected?
  5. What research methods were used? Were there multiple methods?
  6. What conclusions were reached in the article?
    Using the information provided in answers 1 through 6 and any additional information you deem important, write a summary of the article (similar to the abstract provided with the article. Remember to use your own words). Your summary should be double-spaced.
    Your assignment should include (1) an APA style title page, (2) answers to the six questions, (3) article summary written in your own words, and (4) an APA style reference.

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