Psychological Pricing

Question 1

Conduct a web search on organizations that were affected by Hurricane Katrina. Please select one business and cover the following:

(a) Provide a background of the organization.

(b) How was the organization impacted? What losses did it suffer?

(c) Describe the disaster recovery and business continuity that the business had in place?

(d) What were the lessons learned?

Your paper should be 500-to-750 words, and written in APA Style.

• 12-pt, Times New Roman font
• Double-spaced

• 1” margins on all sides

• Reference Section (A separate page is recommended.)

Question 2

Question 1

Choose a product or firm that you think would benefit from a contest, and write a brief proposal outlining your idea for a contest. Be specific and thorough in your suggestions. Explain how the contest would help fulfill the objectives of promotion.

Question 2

Look through your local newspaper or any direct mail marketing pieces you can locate. Note prices for different types of products. Determine if any firms are using psychological pricing. Also determine if competing firms use the same pricing policies. Describe your findings.

Must be done in two separate essays

Will be submitted through turnitin

No more than a page and 1/2 each

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