Prostate Cancer

It’s a mini review of 2 articles inform of assay:

1-The topic is the role of Environmental epigenetic, lifestyle and nutrition in cancer prevention

2-The first one is general for all the information’s (environmental epigenetic, life style and cancer prevention)

3- the second is prostate cancer and epigenetic:the purpose of this article is to be used as an example to refer to the role of diet and epigenetic changes in prostate cancer.

3- it’s a 3 page paper (1100- 1600 words), single space

6- please don’t forget to put the references and should be at least 10.

7- no copy from the original articles

8- the paper should be done within 2 – 3 days.

Assay writing guideline:

  • General definition of epigenetic and it’s rule in cancer
  • Mechanism aspects of epigenetic regulation with a brief definition of each aspect ( 4 aspects)
  • Influence of the environment on epigenetic marker (talk about each one but focus on nutrition)
  • i) Life style
  • ii) Nutrition and epigenetic (one carbon metabolism and here please in include the prostate example)
  • Chemoprevention.
  • i) Synthetic and example of FDA approved drugs (it’s also highlighted in the begening) ii) Neutral bioactive component
  • Conclusion.

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