prospective employer

Question 1

For this module’s SLP assignment, you will prepare a PowerPoint presentation that presents a strategic analysis based on the resource-based view of the firm. Be sure to review the background material, especially the material on the resource-based view, before beginning the assignment.

Consider the company where you currently work or a past employer or a prospective employer for whom you would like to work. If you choose a prospective employer, you will have to identify the company by name and do outside research to prepare your paper. Address the following questions:

  1. What are two resources, capabilities and/or core competencies that are unique to your company (identify and describe them) that you believe are a source of competitive advantage?
  2. Are these resources heterogeneous and immobile in keeping with the resource-based view theory of the firm (see Jurevicius (2013)?
  3. Why could these resources be the source of competitive advantage for your company (use the VBIR analysis as presented in the background readings (e.g., Jurevicius (2013))?

Your presentation should be at least six slides long (not counting title and reference pages) using at least two references from the background material and outside references as needed.

Question 2

Consider a former or current job you held & give 3 reasons why you were empowered or not empowered.

Not Empowered: Suggest 2 actions leadership can take to promote empowerment within your organization.

Empowered: Determined 2 actions leadership took to promote empowerment within the organization.

At least 500 words.

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