Pros and Cons of Globalization

DIRECTIONS: Write an essay on the topic below. 5 pages, single-spaced. Where applicable, apply analytical insights from course readings (e.g., the laissez-faire vs. mercantilist models of capitalism, globalization of supply chains, just-in-time production, south-south cooperation, new Cold War, new World Order, etc.). Citation should be provided for every source you use (author last name, date) and the full citation should be on a separate page. Please note that there is only one essay assignment, not two, and this essay is 40% of your total grade.

TOPIC: At the beginning of the pandemic, the US and many countries were caught by a serious shortage of PPEs. They were surprised to find that PPEs were mostly manufactured by and imported from just one country, and quick imports were hampered by the pandemic and the exporting country’s own needs. Based on materials from Week 6 (Gary Hamilton) and 7 (James Fallows) and the three articles here (, OECD, Research Technology), discuss the pros and cons of globalization as revealed by the global PPE crisis in 2020.

Three articles to use: VID-19-outbreak-evidence-and-policy-lessons-a4df866d/

Materials from the course to apply analytical insights; week 6 (Gary Hamilton) and week 7 (Fallows):

Week 6 (Gary Hamilton):

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