Proper Resource Planning

It is worth noting the fact that the success of a resource largely depends on proper resource planning. This will provide an opportunity to avoid unnecessary and unforeseen expenses that may slow down or threaten the implementation of the project. In my project to use telemonitoring to improve blood pressure management in patients with uncontrolled hypertension, several types of resources are required: human, financial, and time. Of course, it is worth clarifying that the amount of these resources will depend on the number of patients to whom the intervention will be applied.
Human resources include medical professionals who are able to provide remote consultations and facilitate the use of telemedicine in a healthcare facility. Such specialists include practicing nurse leaders. I believe that there should be at least one nurse leader per medical team with management skills and workflow optimization. Her tasks will include improving communication within the medical team, as well as establishing interaction with patients. Ideally, each patient needs a nurse practitioner and a cardiologist who can jointly assess the patient’s health status and recommend lifestyle interventions to improve blood pressure control. The implementation of the project takes eight weeks, of which a week should be spent on training personnel to work with devices that allow telemonitoring (personal computer, smart devices). From medical supplies, blood pressure monitors and computers are needed for remote consultations. Potentially, there may be costs for renting a conference room for training a medical team, but this can also be implemented remotely (for example, using Zoom) or on the basis of a medical institution.
In terms of payroll costs, let’s say we need ten nurses and ten cardiologists on average (each of them can work with several patients). Let’s take an average rate of $50 an hour for each of them. Telemonitoring (consultation) will take an average of an hour each day to more accurately control the pressure during project implementation (minus a week for training): three weeks of five working days. Assume that three patients are consulted per day. We get 20 x 3 x 50 x 15 = $45,000. There is also the cost of equipment: we take out the average cost of a computer with Internet access for each medical specialist is $ 200. In total, we have the cost of technical support: 200 x 20 = 4,000 US dollars. If we talk about blood pressure monitors, then we will put the average cost for a modern blood pressure monitor at $ 800 apiece. They must be provided to every medical professional for convenience and rapid measurement. So 800 x 20 = $16,000.
Payroll expenses can be offset by invoicing income. The average cost of teleconsultation is $80 (Bowman, 2020). Every day, each specialist serves at least three patients. We get 80 x 3 x 20 x 15 = 72000. Moreover, you can add support from the state administration for the technical support of the medical institution. Let a total of 5,000 US dollars be allocated for this problem. We have that the income is 72000+5000=77000 US dollars. The total expenses are 45000+4000+16000=65000. The profit is 77000-65000 = 12000 USD. We have a positive value, which means that this project has a high chance of paying off.
Summing up the assessment of the project budget, it is worth noting the fact that despite the approximate calculation of the number of patients, the project will be economically profitable. This is because telemonitoring leads to improved blood pressure control and patient outcomes, respectively, and is an effective intervention in terms of spending resources and achieving results, reducing healthcare costs (Ionov et al., 2021).

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