Project WBS


Week 2: Replace fields within [brackets] with applicable data for your project. First, list out deliverables and work packages; which align to your project scope. Feel free to add additional lines as applicable based on your project size. Ensure to update the WBS # and indent lines as applicable. Add in estimated start and completion dates, owners (person responsible for ensuring the activity is completed), and then shade the applicable columns to represent the length of each activity to create a Gantt chart. Ignore the predecessor column for Week 2. Then fill in the Resource Chart, the resources should align to the activity owners that you assigned in your WBS.

Week 4: Update your WBS below to include predecessors (this will be the WBS # of the activity that must be completed prior to starting that activity). Note be sure to check then your expected start and completion dates reflect properly based on your predecessors. Next, set at least two tasks to run in parallel. Finally, complete the below critical path and resource constraint/leveling instructions below.

Project WBS (Week 2 & 4)

Critical Path: (Week 4)
The project critical path is important; because if an activity on the critical path delays; the project delays. In looking at your project, what activities are on your critical path (note all might be if you have your activities in serial sequence)? How could you work to limit the number of activities on the critical path? How could you proactively put measures in place so if an activity slips by a couple days the entire success of the project is not jeopardized? Respond with at least 5-6 sentences.

Resource Constraints: (Week 4)
Your project may or may not have resource constraints. A resource constraint would be present if you have an individual working on one or multiple activities and do not have enough capacity in order to finish that activity on time. In reflection of your project; does any of your activities have resource constraints? If so, discuss how you can correct that. If your project doesn’t have any, pretend that a manager of yours stated a certain activity had to get completed sooner than what you anticipated; thus, causing a constraint. How would you work to overcome your constraint (reference your text as applicable). Respond with at least 5-6 sentences.

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