Project Quality

This is a TWO part assignment…

Part one-
is to answer/discuss the following questions/topics in a discussion format in 175 words or more.

-Post your response to the following statement on the discussion board. If appropriate, include personal experience in your response.

-In your own words, describe the difference between quality assurance and quality control. Provide an original example to illustrate your explanation.

-What are metrics and why are they important?

-As a project manager, how can you leverage metrics to help improve quality?

(cite resources, (1) resource required)

Part 2-is to be completed in a separate section!

Step 1: Access the scenario handout. (attached)
Access the scenario handout for this assignment.

Step 2: Create activities and a quality assurance plan.
This assignment requires students to develop quality assurance activities and a simple quality assurance plan using a given scenario.

Based on scenario downloaded in Step 1, develop the following deliverables:

An APA formatted paper (include title page, introduction, conclusion, peer-reviewed sources, and reference page, 500 words minimum). Use level one headings for major topics.

Following the format, as shown in figure 5.2, on page 77 of your Project Quality Management textbook (attached), prepare a simple quality assurance plan (one-line per activity).
From your 2.1 assignment (attached), select a minimum of two specifications, using those requirement/specifications, create at least one quality assurance activity for each specification; define a schedule and responsibility for each assurance activity.
Explain the purpose and function of a quality assurance plan, be sure to explain major terms and concepts.

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