Project Planning and Control

      Grading Criteria for Essay Questions on Examinations

Clear grasp of major issues posed by the question20%
Valid arguments and appropriate supportive detail20%
Appropriate analysis, evaluation, and synthesis20%
Demonstrated ability to employ terms, concepts and frames of reference from texts and other course materials20%
Proper organization and logical flow of responses20%

Final Exam description:

  • 8 “short answer” essay questions
  • Brief, concise answers will suffice.
  • Questions are equally weighted.
  • Your answers to these questions should reflect your knowledge of the subject matter based on your texts, class lectures and class discussions. What are your thoughts / interpretations?  What did you learn this term?

Student name: __Thomas Sauer________________________________

  1. As a new project manager, you must accomplish the following activities as part of planning the project.   Arrange each of the following activities in the sequence that you would perform them and explain your rationale for each decision.  (5 Points)

    Schedule – Resources – WBS –  Network – Earned Value –Task Duration – Objective – Vision – Cost Estimating –Critical Path  –Scope Definition – Project Closeout  

  1. Summarize the purpose of Work Breakdown Structure.  Why is it developed, what is it used for, and how does it help the project team?  (5 Points)

  2. In your own words, define a Project Network.  Describe the project tools that must be available to effectively construct a Precedence Diagramming Method project network of activities.  Your discussion should include the four types of dependencies as discussed in the PMBOK.  (5 Points)

  1. What is the difference between a forward pass computation and a backward pass computation in a network?  Why is it important to accomplish both?  (5 Points)
  1. Given the PDM network shown below, determine the following information: (5 Points)
  1. Duration of the project
  2. Critical Path
  3. Latest Start time for activity G
  4. Earliest Start time for activity F

  5. Explain the significance of the calculated slack in Activity E.

  1. Fully discuss the three variables used to monitor cost and schedule variance.  How are they used and how does a project manager interpret the results?  (5 Points)

  1. What is the most significant project management element you have learned in this course and how will you apply it as a project manager.  Justify your answer. (5 Points)
  1. Which one of the following documents is not part of Scope Baseline? (Justify your answer) (5 Points)
  2. Work Breakdown Structure
  3. WBS Dictionary
  4. Scope Management Plan
  5. Scope Statement

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