Project Partners

Question 1

“The Eurotunnel Project” Please respond to the following:

  • From the e-Activity, assess the problems discussed in the chapter regarding the project partners.
  • Analyze the challenges the Eurotunnel project encountered and determine what recommendations you would suggest if you were the project manager.

Question 2

This is a Discussion Question. Minimum 250 words.

When dealing with a large audience of people there will be some easy to get along with and others more difficult. What tactics and techniques would you use to deal with those who are difficult and resistant to change or deliberately trying to undermine your authority as a leader? Your goal is to implement positive change in those who are difficult rather than disciplinary actions.

Question 3

APA FORMAT** Cite the text


about a page length

No outside sources other than the powerpoint and book chapter

Discussion Question Chapter Eleven: Discuss, in detail and from a qualitative perspective, women’s and men’s offending patterns.

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