Project Management Plan

The project will be for the duration of one year.


Cost of the salary for 11 PMP®s (each PMP will make $100,000 during the duration of the project) = $1,100,000Cost of equipment (hardware/software) = $500,000Cost of material ($100 to be spent on each of the 4,190 employees for training books and reproducing handouts) = $419,000

The work breakdown structure and other project management plan categories will need to be brainstormed by each student (e.g., tasks, subtasks, metrics to gauge the performance of the 11 PMPs).

See below for the full schedule of submission.

Part 1: Project Overview

Project charter Scope management plan

Part 2: Project Organization

Submit to the assignment dropbox:

Organizational charts Roles and responsibilities chart

Part 3: Management Process Plans
Gantt chart (include WBS, milestones, start/finish dates, and assign resources to carry out tasks by assigning the 11 PMPs as resource PMP-A through PMP-K)Cost management planRisk management planMetrics collection planCommunication planResource histograms

Part 4: Technical Process Plans

Methods for training (include the 11 PMP strategy that you have brainstormed for them in carrying out the training, such as online, classroom, or combined modes of training as well as other training methods consisting of a symposium)Process improvement plan

Part 5: Executive Brief

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