Project Initiatives

Question 1

Interview an executive project steering committee member, sponsor or project manager of a significant project initiative at a company of your choice. Focus the interview on the use and value of project measures and metrics beyond the triple constraints. The interview should focus on what metrics are typically used by the company in their project monitoring, quality plan, customer satisfaction, and alignment to business goals and strategy. Also, explore the success – or lack of success – that has been experienced by the company in using these metrics, and any areas for potential improvement.

In the paper, examine how effectively the project measured success beyond the triple constraints such as quality measures, customer satisfaction, alignment with business goals. Based on analysis, document lessons learned and/or make recommendations for potential improvements for future projects. The interview questions and answers can be attached as part of the appendix of the paper.


Question 2

This week you will write your rough draft. Use the outline you have created so far and expand that information into paragraph form.
Your final paper must meet the following criteria:
1. Ideas must be fully developed for full points.
2. Paper must be 5-7 pages in length and submitted in formal APA format.
3. Include a strong thesis statement supported by scholarly research.
4. Include a concluding paragraph about the importance of nursing care in helping this client work toward mental health.

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