Project 5F Career Programs

1. Start Excel. Open the file e05F_Career_Programs. Save the file in your Excel Chapter 5 folder as Lastname_Firstname_5F_Career_Programs.

2. On the Main-East-West worksheet, insert a table using the range A1:J40.

Apply Table Style Light 21.

3. Sort the values in the Campus column using a Custom List in the following order: MAIN, EAST, and then WEST. Add a second level sort by Division and a third level sort by Program Name both in ascending order.

4. Display the second worksheet, Delivery Mode Comparison. Copy the range A6:G7, and then Paste the range to cell A1. Change the title in cell A1 to Criteria and then name the range A2:G3 Criteria.

5. Copy the range A1:G2, and Paste it into cell A36. Change the title in cell A36 to Online-Hybrid Delivery Mode and then name the range A37:G37 Extract Select the range A7:G34, and then name this range Database.

6. Create an advanced filter that will place in the extract area the records from the Database range in which Online is the primary delivery mode and Hybrid is the secondary delivery mode.

7. Display the Stipends by Division worksheet. Sort the data in ascending order first by Division and then by Program Chair Stipend.

8. Apply subtotals to the Program Chair Stipend column at each change in Division. AutoFit columns C:D and then collapse the outline so that the Level 2 summary information is displayed.

9. Group all three worksheets. Insert a footer in the left section that includes the file name, and in the right section, insert the Sheet Name. Center the worksheets Horizontally, and then set the Width and Height to 1 page.

10. Show all the properties, and then as the Tags, type career programs As the Subject, type your course name and section number. Be sure your name displays as the Author.

11. Save your workbook.

If directed by your instructor to do so, submit your paper printout, your electronic image of your document that looks like a printed document, or your original Excel file.

If required by your instructor, print or create an electronic version of your worksheet with formulas displayed. In the upper right corner of the Excel window, click Close.

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