Project 4F Lookup Form and Sales Revenue

1. Start Excel.

From your student data files, open e04F_Ad_Form_NY_Revenue. Save the file in your Excel Chapter 4 folder as Lastname_Firstname_4F_Ad_Form_NY_Revenue Display the second worksheet named Advertising Rate Information sheet.

Select the range A4:C11, and then sort by Code. Name the range A4:A11 by using the Create from Selection command and using the top row as the name.

2. Display the first worksheet named Advertising Order Form sheet. In the range A9:A18, create a data validation list using the defined name Code.

3. Click cell A9, click the list arrow, and then click D-PH. Click cell B9 to make it the active cell, and then insert a VLOOKUP function that will look up the description of the item in cell A9 using the information in the Advertising Rate Information sheet as the table array.

After selecting the table array, be sure to press to make it an absolute reference. The Description to be looked up is in column 2 of the table array.

4. With cell B9 as the active cell, fill the VLOOKUP formula through cell B18. In cell C9, type 4 as the Quantity ordered and in cell D9, type Regional in cell E9, insert a VLOOKUP function to look up Unit Price of the item in cell A9 of the Advertising Order Form; the Unit Price is in column 3 of the table array.

Copy the VLOOKUP formula down through cell E18. Add the following orders beginning in row 10:
D-R 6 National D-IN 15 Internet B-BB 7 Billboard

5. Delete the unused rows. Sum the Order Amount, and then apply the Total cell style.

6. Display the Sales Datasheet. Click cell I5, which displays a green triangle indicating a potential error, and then on the Formulas tab, click Trace Precedents. To the left of the cell, click Error Checking, and then click Edit in Formula Bar. Change $B$14 to $B$15 so that the formula is using the Growth Assumption for Belts, not for Key Chains, and then press.

7. On the Formulas tab, in the Formula Auditing group, click Error Checking to begin checking for errors from this point in the worksheet.

In cell M6, the flagged error, notice the formula is trying to divide by cell L10, which is empty. Click Edit in Formula Bar, change 10 to 9 and then in the Error Checking dialog box, click Resume.

8 In cell F7, examine the error information and then click Copy Formula from Above. Examine the error in cell J8, and then click Copy Formula from Left.

Click OK, and then use Format Painter to copy the format in cell M5 to cell M6.

9. In the sheet tab row, right-click any sheet tab, and then click Select All Sheets. Display the Page Setup dialog box, click the Margins tab, and then under Center on page, click Horizontally.

Click the Header/Footer tab, click Custom Footer, and then in the Left section, insert the File Name. Click OK two times. Ungroup the sheets, and then display the Sales Datasheet. For this sheet, set the Orientation to Landscape, and it in the Scale to Fit group, set the Scale to 88%.

10. Display Backstage view, click Show All Properties. On the list of Properties, in the Tags box, type advertising costs, New York revenue In the Subject box, type your course name and section number. Under Related People, be sure that your name displays.

On the left, click Print. Under Settings, click the Print Active Sheets arrow, and then click Print Entire Workbook. At the bottom of the window, click Next Page to scroll through the worksheets. On the left, click Save.

11. If directed by your instructor to do so, submit a paper printout of the three worksheets, an electronic image of each worksheet that looks like a printed document, or your original Excel file.

If required by your instructor, print or create an electronic version of your worksheets with formulas displayed. In the upper right corner of the Excel window, click Close

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