Project 3 D Revenues

Start Excel. From your student data files, open e03D_Housing_Permits. Using your own name, save the file in your Excel Chapter 3 folder as Lastname_Firstname_3D_Housing_Permits a. In cell B4, type 2010 and then press . In cell C4, type 2011 and then press . b. Use the fill handle to fill the remaining years through column F so that the last year that displays is 2014. 2 Click cell C6. Being sure to include the parentheses, type =(c5-b5)/b5 and then press . Select cell C6, and then apply Percent Style. a. With cell C6 selected, drag the fill handle to the right through cell F6. b. In cell A8, type Projected Future Housing Permit Revenue and then press . Point to cell A2, rightclick, on the mini toolbar, click Format Painter, and then click cell A8. In cell A10, type Forecasted Increase and then click cell A12. Type Year c. In cell A13, type Projected Permit Revenue and then in cell B12, type 2014 and press . In cell C12, type 2015 and then press . Select the range B12:C12, and then drag the fill handle through cell F12 to extend the pattern of years to 2018. Apply Bold to the selection. d. Right-click cell F5, and then click Copy. Right-click over cell B13, and then click Paste. e. In cell B10, type 7% which is the percent of increase from 2013 to 2014. Select the range A10:B10, and then from the mini toolbar, apply Bold and Italic. 3 Click cell C13. Type =b13*(100%+$b$10) and then on the Formula Bar, click Enter to keep the cell active. With cell C13 as the active cell, drag the fill handle to copy the formula to the range D13:F13. a. Point to cell B13, right-click, click Format Painter, and then select the range C13:F13. b. Click cell A15. Type Forecasted Revenue Estimates 2014 to 2018 and then press . Use Format Painter to copy the format from cell A8 to cell A15. c. In the range A17:A19, type the following row titles: Year 7% Increase 8% Increase Skills Review Project 3D Housing Permits (continued)
Select the range B12:F12, right-click over the selection, and then on the shortcut menu, click Copy. Paste the selection to the range B17:F17. a. Select the range B13:F13, right-click over the selection, and then on the shortcut menu, click Copy. Point to cell B18, right-click, and then from the shortcut menu, point to Paste Special. Under Paste Values, click the second button—Values & Number Formatting. Press to cancel the moving border. b. Click cell B10. Type 8 and then press . Copy the new values in the range B13:F13. Point to cell B19, right-click, and then point to Paste Special. Under Paste Values, click Values & Number Formatting. Save your workbook. 5 In the row header area, point to row 8 to display the pointer, and then drag down to select rows 8:24. Right-click over the selection, and then click Insert to insert the same number of blank rows as you selected. Under the selection area near cell A25, click Insert Options, and then click the Clear Formatting option button to clear any formatting from these rows. a. On the Page Layout tab, in the Themes group, click the Colors arrow, and then click Yellow. Select the range A5:F5. On the Insert tab, in the Charts group, click Insert Line or Area Chart. In the displayed gallery of line charts, click the Line with Markers chart type to create the chart. b. Point to the border of the chart to display the pointer, and then drag the chart so that its upper left corner is positioned in cell A9, aligned approximately under the c in the word Projected above. c. Point to the Chart Title Permit Revenue and rightclick. On the shortcut menu, click Edit Text. Type Pacifica Bay Housing and then press . Press and then press to create a second line. Type 2010 to 2014 d. Click the dashed border around the chart title to change it to a solid border, right-click over the title, and then on the shortcut menu, click Font. In the Font dialog box, change the Font style to Bold, change the Size to 16, and change the Font color to White, Background 1, Darker 5%—in the first column, the second color. Click OK.

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