Professional Practices Case Study

You are a school counselor. You enjoy the role of accomplishing the impossible to help your high school students get scholarships. Bert, one of your seniors, is a talented rower who is being recruited by the six universities in the country that offer rowing scholarships. These schools all require four years of science to include physics. Bert dropped physics in his junior year so that he could pick up weightlifting to help his rowing. It was unknown to Bert and to you how this decision would plague him down the road. He has the grades, SAT scores, and talent to get into any of these schools but not the physics course and certainly not the money. Efforts to right the situation have failed until you speak directly to one of the coaches recruiting this young man. The coach encourages you to “get physics on the transcript somehow.” Physics would have been easy for this student. Bert needs this scholarship and a chance at the future. You put physics on the transcript. Bert gets his scholarship. Did the end justify the means?
Your state Professional Practices Commission recommends that you not be fired. Can you be fired by your school district anyway?


As a professional counselor bound by ethical codes, you will offer a review of the case, using the talking points below

  • (50 points). Introduction Background Statement of Topic Brief overview of Material 3 points Body What are the key points/concerns in this case? What new things have you learned while researching this topic? What ethical code(s) can be applied to this case (ACA Code of Ethics)? Be sure to identify the governing body(s) being used.
  • (35 points) What ethical information should be considered? How should the situation be handled/addressed? How will what you have learned to change your behavior in the future?
  • (7 points) Closure Restatement of Topic Summary of material
  • (5 points) Closing 
  • (7 points) Writing APA formatting Grammar/punctuation /structure

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